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Royskopp live - Clocks T- in the Park


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who's Royskopp?


So how do they describe their sound? "It's us searching for the truth," Torbjorn states bluntly. "But if we came up with one sentence it would be to combine the harmonies of film music and of classical composers such as Erik Satie and melodies of Francis Lai (arty porn film producer) with the analogue warmth of Seventies and the fatness of the Eighties over a thorough beat programming."


And you can't really add anything to that.


Except that Royksopp is something very special. Thanks to their work with Kings Of Convenience, Those Norwegians, and Drum Island the boys are at the heart of the Nordic funk. Their album twinkles like the Northern Lights, has the warmth of a well-worn Rhodes .


HTTT :sneaky:

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