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ear stretching.


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anyways...I stuck my tunnel in...it looks so rad! haha!

I wasn't bleeding as much..but whatever, it'll have to heal someday..I doubt it..

Its nice! its PINK my tunnel thing is pink! haaaaaaaaaaha...


hmmm, i might want stretch it to a 4 gauge or something. or 2..haha..it looks so cool! you can actually see through IT! WOOOOW MAN! ITS SO RAD!


OMG!!!!!!!! my friend vanessa gaged her NIPPLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahhh!!!!!!!!!! THEN she had the audacity to show me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BLEAGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! omg!!! CANT YOU JUST FEEL THAT HURTING!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG and when she breast feeds...wouldnt she like...SPRING A LEAK or something!


HAHAHAH at spring a leak....

shoot! that would hurt sooo bad!

aww man..that reminds me, I was watching the huge toronto with rollingstones and ac/dc concert on tv and there was this girl there that stretched her things..eh? and the tv people broadcasted it on national television. shocking.

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gah. ear stretching! i wish i had the guts to do that because it looks so cool. but all of my friends who have attempted it always complain of the constant pain they feel and some end up ripping the skin! gross!


i bought some cheater ones that look like screws the other day though. lol. they rule.

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