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ear stretching.


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blah, i heard about christina' special piercing like a year ago. what a show off. she thinks she's little miss female revolutionairy.


did you guys know britney and christina are both in the tit piercing club too? those wild kids. let's give them more money.

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dont finish the other ear then, just let the ear you already did unstretch itself back to normal, i mean seriecly just thinking about someone taking hold of their ear and just ripping the inner skin and stuff causing infections all over the place..i mean...ew... :P

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Zoning laws are tough here too. I was walking w/ them clamped in a nipple zone... and I stumbled into a "no" nipple zone by accident... and I was only in the "no nipple zone" for a couple of seconds and I got arrested! Can you believe that?!


I've warned all my friends and family about this!

Clamping in a no nipple zone is dangerous!

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'We gather here today to bring the coming of *drum roll* FLAVORED LIQUID ADVIL" invented by my new best friend whos paying me ;) JESSICA!!!


"thank you thank you! I'd like to thank my boyfriend for all of his support, and coldplaying.com for spurring on the idea, and most of all, thanks to brittany, for always being there for me!!"

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