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ear stretching.


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I'm stretching my ears! i already stetched one and its at a gauge 6. Its so rad!!!! I didn't do it right though, i think i forced it too much because it started bleeding. well, i think its infected now. hmm...

I have a pink thing, i dont know if its a flesh tunnel but yea it keeps it the same size you stretched it at. and my ears all swollen so i can't put it in. its bites. but oh well, i just have to wait a little bit longer. It only took me a week to do one ear. hahah but i also made it bleed.


yea, I really didn't stretched it right.. sooooo before i screw up my other ear, does anyone have tips that might help me?

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If you made it bleed you should really go back to the next gauge down until it completely heals. And everytime you stretch the holes just do it a verrry little bit at a time. I have a friend who stretches her ears and I had to help her once in a while so I know a little bit ;)

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