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Le Button Bleu...


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Some members have asked what the blue button is for... hover over it and it will tell you. It's the 'Report a post to the Moderator' button.


If you see any posts that contain rude, offensive, defamatory behaviour etc in any of the forums press the button and an email will be sent to the forum's moderator.


Don't press it unless you're REALLY disturbed by the thread!! :) :wink3:

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What this button? *presses*

Lol is like that scene from Father Ted, when they're all on the plane, and Father Ted says "Dougal, don't under any circumstances, press that button"

So Dougal stares and stares...then presses it...



Yes Ted?

Did you press the button Dougal?

Aww come on now Ted, for sure i wouldn't do a thing like that.


OK Ted, yeah I pressed it.


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My lovely lovely horse

my lovely horse

running throught the fields

where are you going with your fetlocks blowing in the wind

i want to shower you with sugar lumps, and ride you over fences

polish your hooves everyday

and take you to the horse dentist


my lovely lovely lovely horse...youre a pony no more.....(thats all i remember)


tho they need to loose the sax solo :D

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now the irish version!!! :P

mo chapall alainn ag rith trasna na pairca

ca bhfuil tu ag dul le do gruaige ag seideadh sa ghaoith?

ba mhaith liom cnapainn suicra a bhronadh ort agus dul ort thar chlai

do chosu a sheasu gach uila la agus dul na fiacloir na gchapall!!! :lol: :lol:

couldn't resist!!!!! :P

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