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Chris does ANOTHER impression of Mr Timberlake


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from http://www.mirror.co.uk








FANS were treated to the rare sight of Chris Martin's humorous side when the Coldplay singer sent up Justin Timberlake.


Thousands - including the likes of Holly Valance, Chris's girlfriend Gwyneth Paltrow (below), Kirsten Dunst and Sadie Frost - whooped as he burst into Justin's hit Rock Your Body and imitated the American's trademark dance routine by wiggling around the stage.



The band got an even louder scream when they ended their set with Louis Armstrong's What A Wonderful World.


But despite their show-stopping Chelmsford set - which included Rolling Stone Keith Richards joining them on stage - drummer Will Champion couldn't wait for it to end. Will, who nearly pulled out of the event with an ear infection, told us: "I didn't enjoy it. My ears are mucked up."




aww, poor Will, and I dunno what those 3am girls mean when they say that fans were to treated to the 'rare' sight of Chris' humourous side :rolleyes: It just proves they have no clue at all :angry: Man I hate them

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coldplay have captured me!!!!! i'm kinda new here....tell me all the Politik....does anyone know where i can The Blue Room :rolleyes:


i don't do credit cards...hmmm guess i'm stuck, aren't i???


would love to hear of any coldplay experiences...i've yet to experience them myself..


chris martin you are very fit!! :D please don't give up!

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