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HELP: Laptop screen has no display!


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is there any image at all on the screen when it powers up? if there's no sound at all, even the Windows chime, after a while then it might be a hard disk problem & not the screen or Windows.

There's no image at all, but the LEDs on the power and volume buttons light up. And there's no sound at all too. :confused:


If it switches on as normal but nothing appears on the screen than it sounds like a graphics card issue not working.

Yes. Exactly like what you said, Dave.

So, if it's a graphic card issue, what should I do then? :\


Need to change the motherboard? :stunned: :stunned: :stunned: :stunned: :stunned: :stunned:

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If it's still covered by a warranty get it repaired under it, if it's not covered have a look around to see if you know any friendly independent computer repairers and get them to have a look, it might be something similar like something has come out of something.

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The warranty period has just ended a few months ago.. I've bring my laptop to a service center nearby, they told me that it's a motherboard issue.. Presario V3000 uses AMD which can cause defects... If I wanna change the mobo, it costs me MYR1000, so it's better for me to buy a new one...





I'm broke right now.

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