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You MUST listen to this..................


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Go to: http://bfbs-radio.com/pages/extranet/listenagain.php


Scroll down to: The Vibe.


Click on hour one of the show (Week 23).


"Forward" to minute 22 and listen to about the next 15 minutes.


*The important part is what's said after the remix has been played.:wink2:*


When you know what this is all about come back to this thread and give your comments!:D


Happy listening!!


P.S. You will only be able to listen to this for around the next three days as show will then be replaced by tomorrow's show, so don't delay!!;)

If anyone can work out a way to save this as an mp3 file please post on here. Ta!

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awww, you're the big coldplay fan in germany, eh? :D

and tracie's in there as well... :nice:


It was mostly to do with Tracie as she'd already got a mention on a previous show owing to her Captain Morgan connection.;)

Anyway, I've informed her about it via FB.

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Awesome remix!


That remix isn't the same. The guitar parts are much more prominent for a start.

I've never actually been able to find the exact remix that's played on the show.

It's close, but a bit too "rocky".

If anyone has it in mp3 format, please post it.;)

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