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What's a Coldplay amphitheatre show like?


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I went to Vancouver #2 last night. I'm 54 yrs - and this is the best stadium concert ever.

I want to take my daughter to a Coldplay show in west coast USA, but I note they are all outdoor amphitheatre venues. I just can't imagine how that can stack up against their indoor stadium show - as far as visuals, fx, etc. Feedback please??

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I saw them in DC inside and I've seen them twice outside now and they are AMAZING outside...the crowd is SO much huger and everyone is sooo sooo into it. I've seen probably over 50 concerts of all different acts and I've got to say that this last Coldplay show I went to (outside) was BY FAR the best...all the effects are still there and are still awesome...I was worried about it too, but the crowd is so much bigger and so enthusiastic that it is just unbelievable...take your daughter...she'll love it.

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