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Such a pretty house and such a pretty garden.

Matter-Eater Lad

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Its great to have a garden, saves you money on veggies


And they taste better and I can try to grow them "organic" without pesticides that are harmful. My grandpa has had a garden since I was a little kid and everything he grew tasted amazing. I just remembered that so I should give him a call and ask him what to do.

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Nick, I have a hanging tomato vine in my back yard that's doing quite well, but that's about all I bother to upkeep now. It should produce 5 good tomatoes if I'm lucky!


And my brother has about 6 marijuana plants that he grows indoors, which requires a lot of electricity and a healthy dose of stupidity. They're about 8 months old now.

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I think I might start a garden, does anyone on here have a garden? I have no clue where to start but think it would be a rewarding hobby to have.
I do. I love gardening. :cool: What do you want to know?


You'd be surprised.....................................
You must be doing something wrong then. :thinking:
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Some very basics- for a small garden you can set out ant bait if you have an ant problem. The good kind of poison will never touch the plants if you put it on a little piece of tin foil next to the anthill. The ants take it back to the queen and hopefully the colony dies off.


Aphids you can actually order ladybugs in the mail if you have a problem, but that's more for big gardens. Sometimes you can spray them directly with a mixture of dishsoap and water (not sure if that's considered organic, but it is food friendly). Just test it first because some types of plants can be a little sensitive to the soap.


Harmful beetles you have to pick off by hand and dump in a bucket of soapy water (or just squish them). If you're squeamish you could always put them in a jar or something and set them free somewhere else, but they'll probably come back.


If you take good care of your garden, have a good soil mix and mulch it well, you probably won't have much of a bug problem in the first place. We never really do. The problems that you do have will usually depend on the plants that you have. Mulch is your new best friend- it holds moisture in, keeps weeds and some pests out, and protects the garden from the sun.


Where I'm not familiar with your climate, your best bet is to find a good garden centre and pick the brains of the people who run it since they know your area, what grows well there and how to deal with local problems. Also, the internet is your friend (lots of organic sites out there I'm sure) and it always helps to have a couple of good beginner's reference books around.

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