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I have a confession to make.


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Not another David one though, thank God.

































































I'm cheating on Jacob.

Yes ladies and gentleman, me and my new lover - some of you might recognise him by the name Jared Leto, have decided to come clean about our relationship, no matter what.







Jared, I love you babe.







Jacob - I love you too but you dumped me. lol

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what? :o


but Jared is my lover


we make sweet music together :wink3:


well, we make sweet love together :wink3:


Haha Simon, you can still make sweet music with Jared though! He knows how much I love his music.

But if you go anywhere near his bum I'll kick your arse! :angry: (not really)

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awwww' date=' Maya still loves me.......... WELL I DON'T LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Goodbye![/quote']


*waves next to Simon*














































































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