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This is kinda cool...(1,000 posts!!!!)


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Haha, no not from the beginning. :shame: We did the last 200 I think on count down, maybe more, And 500 or so on count up? :thinking: But only half of that in about 5 minutes or so... Actually, maybe it was 10. We were trying to beat each other to the end.


I got to 4,000 posts and didnt even realize it because I wanted to call 1000, she beat me to it. We posted a lot of the same numbers twice, though...


I just hit the numbers as fast as I could and hit post, and repeated without even looking. :P

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I was just twirling my hair :uhoh: But that wasn't out of fear, I just like playing with it. :lol:


You and Rick are really good spammers, and not to mention Mishelle is much faster at posting than I am... She almost beat me in LG earlier. If she had started posting earlier she'd probably have as much as I do. :P


I am worried, but like I said before... I will come back sometime and post 5,000 in a day... Somehow... :sneaky:


Right now I am tired and going to bed. Night Y'all!! :snore:

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