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Coldplay Souveniers

Technicolor Liver

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I'm going to the Coldplay Concert on Monday (6 days...whoo!!!:D:D:D) and I was wondering if there was anything thing I have to get, I'm already planning on getting some butterflies!!! But is there any merch that they don't have online?


If there is please say what it is and how much it costs?


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The tour dates at the back of the shirt.


Sometimes they can be found online, sometimes not.


I think the old tour tee (US/UK dates up to end 2008) was available online before, but not the one with the 2009 dates.


The one with the Australian and Asian dates was definitely not available.

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The Tour tee is a good idea ;)


So you have to get :

- tons of butterflies :P

- wonderful memories <<--- this = best "souvenir" your ticket could ever get you, imo...cos then the rest can serve to complete the whole package ;)

- beautiful pics

- and a setlist, why not :wacko:


& i usually make it a point to get a tour tee when i go for a concert even if i don't really wear it out. the dates & venues listed on the tee serve as another reminder + "been there, done that" badge.

i haven't had a chance to get a setlist/prop/instrument/etc anyway.

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