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YouTube Fake - Vancouver

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Ok, so I was watching a video of Coldplay in GM Place - the show that i went to, with amazing quality sound - or so I thought. It sounded very close to the LRLRL version. But this couldn't be?


I then listened during the part right before the famous "Viva Chant" and he says the exact words he said during LRLRL, and not the actual phrase he said in that concert. In LRLRL, he says something like "Let's turn the volume right up here." In the concert, he said something like "turn it up" several times.


So clearly, this person put the LRLRL version overtop of the video and faked people into thinking it was concert audio. I was not fooled, and I want this to be recognized. I feel really pissed off about this. They practically advertise "AMAZING SOUND QUALITY" but it's just from the CD.


Here is the link, see for yourself: [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=avt2rqIT-n0]YouTube - 05 Coldplay Viva La Vida - LIVE JUNE 20 2009 Vancouver GM Place[/ame]

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