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Eyeliner, I HATE You...


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But my lipgloss is still poppin'!!!!!!


I'm serious... I hate it, i hate applying it.. it's torture to my eyes... and also stupid grooming of eyebrows... :angry: JEEZ.

Us girls don't have it easy when it comes to looking our best :snobby:

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i don't really wear make-up, but my mom made me wear it once...i hated putting on the eyeliner :(


Don't start. I have a 15 year old sister and she wears make up and she thinks it makes her bad ass. Really she just looks like a clown.


make up FTL.

i don't wear make up, and i still look gorgeous. :wacky:


Prove it, post some pics.


Makeup is stupid.



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In a minute I'll post some pictures of her with heavy eyeliner from burberry ads, and then without, so much better...


Haha, agreed. I've seen you guys post modeling pics of her before. There are a lot of creepy ones. :uhoh:

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