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How attractive would you consider yourself?


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lol Jay


Nope :rolleyes:


Morning, right after I wake up- 1

On a work day- 2 cause I hate my work clothes

Night time- 3

The rest of the day-3 maybe 4 sometimes

I don't know about the 5 though, maybe when I get my hair make up, nails and everything else done for a big party or something?

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I voted 3, but it's really between a 2 and 3.


Damn, you are bullshitting the forum, Maja! :dozey:

Keep to the truth! :smiley:


I consider myself normally a 3,5 - there are sometimes I'm like: "Hell, yeah! Who's that guy in the mirror!"

But there are also times, when I'm like: "OmG! Wtf! Who's that? Damn he looks crappy!"

So on the whole a 3,5 matches perfectly - I guess. :lol:

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