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hewwo everyone


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Hi, everyone on this lovely Coldplay fansite, I'm LhunaSleepingSun (yeah, it's an oxymoron haha). I enjoy Coldplay, but I try to expand my musical horizons to other genres, such as classical, and even hip hop (as long as it's tasteful and it doesn't support mindless violence and that fun stuff). I mostly prefer upbeat guitar songs and piano songs. Yep, the piano is my favorite instrument, 'cause I play it.


I play classical songs (and some Coldplay songs) by the book on the piano, and some Coldplay songs (and other songs I pick up) by ear. I really want to get better at playing by ear, like that guy who plays awesome covers of Coldplay songs!


My other interests include art (digital and traditional), tennis, crocheting, staying up late, swimming, singing (to say I'm good at it would be exaggerating, but it's fun anyway!), politiks XD, being with my friends, Nintendo, Fresh Squeezed TV, NatGeo, comedy, storytelling, reading, and nature!


Oh! And my favorite Coldplay songs are--

  • Anything

  • That's

  • Made

  • By

  • Them!

  • :lol:


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