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Favorite curse/bad/naughty word


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fuck and siht


in finnish

paska whch means shit and vittu(cunt) sometimes because some of my friends use it a lot . not too fond of it though



Risto uses it just right though <3


"Levy-yhtiön jätkät roudaa mun kotiin kaikenlaista paskaa. Minä en pistä nimee vittu mihinkään teidän papereihin, pyyhkikää perseenne niihin!"


yeah I dont' know what I'm saying

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Older people still frown down on it as much as Americans though (see Mark)


That's cool that the word has a bit of a different connotation over there.

And yeah, Mark can get pissy. I probably wouldn't like to be called a cunt though either. But considering it is different over there. Shouldn't be too big a deal.

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