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Why do most of my threads go off topic or get lost?


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Carthage all the way! Hannibal the great was the greatest General in history.


The the reason he didn't destroy Rome was Rome had more people, so they could keep raising huge armies after Hannibal defeated them. Hannibal however could not call upon large numbers of troops. And due to stupidity of the Carthaginian government, they alienated the local mercenaries at the battle of Zama, and Scipio Africanus was a good General but got lucky. One major defeat destroyed Carthage while one major defeat for Rome meant they could rally up another army, Carthage could not.

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I know, in all seriousness Hannibal had a smaller army, no support from Carthage and obviously Romans had more, uhm, well had more infraestructure for weapons etc

I think no one could have gotten so far as Hannibal did in his position, no one.

I'd say Peter the Great, or Zhukov, or Suvorov, but it they were great due to the clumsiness of their rivals

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