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Oh no! The UN is going to sanction Iran!

Best u Can

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UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) - The United States and other major powers on Wednesday demanded Iran ready a "serious response" by October 1 to demands it halt its nuclear program or face serious consequences.


Oooooh, Sanctions.....


Seriously, the UN is a JOKE.

Sanctions = Serious Consequence for nuclear armament?


This is like a parent that says, "Stop pointing that gun at your brother, or I will cut your allowance by 1%....


Did I mention that the UN is a waste of air?

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We are. Iran's leader believes in the 12th Imam. The belief if you can bring about the end of the world, the 12th Imam will rise and lead Islam to glory and whoever raises him will be a king or something like that.


I go by kill count, not words. America has killed hundreds of thousands.

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