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Asia-only edition VLVODAAHF + Music Video DVD?

but a dream

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I haven't been into a record store for a while and I don't know how recent this is, but I saw a Singapore press of Viva La Vida or Death And All His Friends in the local HMV today which includes a DVD of all the music videos from Violet Hill till Strawberry Swing.


The cover looks like this:




Full tracklist



1) Life In Technicolor

2) Cemeteries Of London

3) Lost!

4) 42

5) Lovers In Japan/Reign Of Love

6) Yes

7) Viva La Vida

8) Violet Hill

9) Strawberry Swing

10) Death And All His Friends



1) Violet Hill

2) Viva La Vida

3) Lost!

4) Lovers In Japan

5) Life In Technicolor II

6) Strawberry Swing


Anyone know if this is an Asia-only release?

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Ah! I was wondering about this as well earlier this week. I saw it being given away to callers on a show here called The Quickie, and I thought maybe I'm just stupid and that this edition has been out since ages ago... So it's an Asian only release? Wowee! :D


EDIT: The case looks so delicious. Me wants it! But is it worth it?

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