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Happy Birthday *Ali*!

Mojo Pin

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aww I don't know her and I'm not a newbie :uhoh:


but if she was your friend I bet she's awesome :P



Happy birthday Ali! :nice:

Aww she was the coolest scottish girl i ever met here and she was learning spanish haha you would've loved her :P I think she was the only one who was able to put up with me when i was drunk and needed someone to talk for some problems i had back them aww i hope she comes back someday, miss her :bigcry:

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I love noni too! I send her a few emails now and then and never got any reply :( The last thing i heard from her was that she was living together with her bf and moved to a new flat and then i lost track of her, that was like 3 or 4 years ago :(


I miss Léa too, whoa i'm getting nostalgic here :bigcry:

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