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New Zealand!

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Isn't this great, we get our own thread!

I'd really like to know of other NZers here :cry: I don't know any...


Other people are free to ask questions or whatever :nice:


I will be a kiwi from the beginning of February 2010! Does that count as well? :P


How are things over there? How's the weather? :D

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the weather is fine :surprised:

seriously, you'll be coming in the best part of summer :nice:


edit: it's raining now...


Well, but I will have two autumns in a row! :lol: It's the least favourite season for me. Oh well, you can't have everything. :)


Lars!! Are you moving to New Zealand? :stunned:



Which town?


Hey Rick! How are you?


Yes I'm moving to Auckland, at least for 6 months. :)

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