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Saturday nights...

india rubber

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this one is especially great. it's the first saturday night in 7 years, that my wonderful, yet incredibly hyperactive and crazy son is away for the whole weekend. :dance:

he is camping with the scouts. it's only 2° C in the nights. :uhoh: and i constantly see him fall on those massive tent pegs, which they don't hammer all the way down into the soil.

and i miss his crazy, hilarious presence, in a way.


but i can do whatever i want. cook when and what i feel like, get seriously pissed, stay in bed all morning, read for hours. listen to radiohead without getting comments. and paint. oh my god, i didn't paint in years. and there's hardly any laundry. it's wonderful. :blush:

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he likes 15 step a lot. he's freaking out, when he hears it. he loves thom yorke soo much. he imitates his way of throwing his head from one side to the other, while singing into the mic.


but his favourite band is ac/ dc. :disappointed:

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[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DuUfSOKyhWQ]YouTube - Radiohead Shreds in the Basement.[/ame]


ahha dunno why I find this so funny



and nothing is offtopic on a saturday night :P


...so here I go. I've got this one song that always pops into my head every once in a while and then it gets stuck and plays in my head for like three days. then it goes away and it come again in few months or so. and it's not like I listen to that song ever. .. and when I just went to the toilet it popped into my head again. and I just had to sing it sitting there...





































it's fucking white christmas.

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