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hey brits and other non-us people...get a kick out of this..


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so did anyone do the survey themselves to see how they would do?


Ah took it.


almost got 'em all right 'cept for the religion one 'cause i thought i saw on the news (or was it dateline?) one day that muslims were the largest group overall, but i guess christianity beat 'em out... i think it was that muslims are the fastest growing group, but i may be wrong.


ya know, according to the link, Sweden kicked ass.

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sowwy :(

I wuff swedes, especially the blonde ones in saunas :D



Doogie , Doogie, Doogie, Doogie, Doogie, Doogie......


What are we going to to with him?


*shakes head*


























*then smacks him on the head*














:lol: :lol:

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