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The Ultimate Rock Opera Needs Your Help!

Technicolor Liver

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The Ultimate Rock Opera:






1. "The Quest For Teh Kitteh"

2. "Vineyard March"

3. "Crazy Grapes"



Lists of Songwriters/Story Helpers/Fans:



1. Technicolor Liver: Songwriter, Creator, Fan

2. HappyPickle98: Songwriter, Story Helper, Fan

3. Kite: Fan, Tea Lady

4. Italian Plastic: Songwriter, Fan

5. EmmaLouiseSmyth: Fan, Story Helper

6. flickahildago: Story Helper, Fan

7. Coldplay Junior: Songwriter, Fan

8. ariadnasquire: Songwriter, Story Helper, Fan

9. Ceckers: Story Helper, Fan

10. KeddieChan: Fan, Story Helper

11. StephanBass: Songwriter, Fan

12. Crests of Daylight: Fan, Cheesy Rhymes

13. LhunaSleepingSun: Songwriter, Fan

14. lovinchris42: Story Helper, Fan

15. Tnspieler1012: Songwriter, Fan


15 Fans

8 Songwriters

7 Story Helpers



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