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The Ultimate Rock Opera Needs Your Help!

Technicolor Liver

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Sorry I've been gone I have basketball everyday (except weekends :D) for the rest of winter! :D

Here's Part 1:



"The Quest For Teh Kitteh"

"Vineyard March"

"Crazy Grapes"



First Anthony (me) and Nathan (my best friend) read in a book written by a 3 year old that there is a magical kitteh in our neighborhood that gives you the ultimate trampoline skills! Then the song,"The Quest For Teh Kitteh: Part 1" comes in! In Part 1 it says what our first step is, which is to find a vineyard with green and yellow grapes, and awful tasting grapes. Then "Vineyard March" comes in and it is about our upcoming adventure. So we look, then we find it! But I, Anthony, want to have want to eat a grape! So I try one then the world turns multicolor and I start spinning and singing "Crazy Grapes", then I pass out and...

THE END (of Part 1)

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