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Coldplay on "Cafe del Mar"

The Noteburg

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Hi there... I've got a little question

The new ambient compilation "The Best of Cafe del Mar" (Release: September 15th) concludes a Coldplay Remix of "God put a Smile..." named "Chris Martin's Brother Mix". Is this a new unreleased remix? Who made it and... even more importand... who got this remix? :confused:

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ok that is soooooo weird that you just wrote that!!!! that song literally just popped into my head!!!! ok im a bit freaked out now :stunned: :/ :stunned: :stunned:


:stunned: ... but its one of my fav songs!!! :/

yeah mine too, i'm still kinda freaked out coz it was really weird, i don't even know how it popped in coz i hadn't heard it in ages!!! :confused: :stunned: :stunned:

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