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Travis singer Fran Healy has a laugh with 'copycat' Chris Martin during concert


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Fran Healy has been poking fun at Coldplay frontman Chris Martin - by claiming he has ripped off a Travis song, according to the Daily Record recently.


Coldplay have twice been accused of plagiarism in their song Viva La Vida and Scots pal Fran couldn't resist having a dig during his latest tour of the US. One of the claims came from American guitarist Joe Satriani, who filed a copyright infringement lawsuit and reached an out-of-court settlement with Martin's band.


The second came from Yusuf Islam. He claimed the song is very similar to his track Foreigner Suite, recorded while he was still known as Cat Stevens. At an American gig, Fran and Travis guitarist Andy Dunlop introduced Battleships - from their fifth album, 2007's The Boy With No Name - as being the only song Martin had actually ripped off.


"Chris is a good friend, so he would see the joke in that," Fran told the audience. "He was on radio and said, 'Travis invented Coldplay'. That's the worst thing anyone could say because ever since then interviewers have said to us, 'so, Travis invented Coldplay?' There's a billion people who then said, 'they suck, they invented Coldplay!'"


The Glaswegian then claimed they are real-life Simon Cowells who put Coldplay together. "No, we did. it was like X Factor. We chose those guys and I've written all those songs. Chris is just a puppet," Fran quipped. "We should phone him some night and ask what is his favourite Travis song - he's bound to say Battleships."


It's just as well the two are friends or Chris might just be a little upset. But it is all just banter. Fran and Andy's tour has a bizarre title - A Chronological Acoustical Journey Through The Travis Back Catalogue: Laugh Out Loud Stories, Scottish Accents, Handsome Scottish Men, Naked Torsos. It began last week in San Francisco. The pair have recorded a live CD of tracks from early shows which they're selling, along with Travis merchandise, at venues.



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Travis is amazing


This was just a joke :S...


I dont know why you guys get so angry... Travis are amazing human beings ;) they're humble and really good people ;)


:) They don't care about being popular, they just do what they like...



(BTW: I love Coldplay and Coldplay is my favorite band :))

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hahaha I love how people can't get jokes, it's the same about U2, after Bono talked about Chris I even saw facebook groups called something like "I hate bono and what he said about chris martin" :laugh3:


Fran Healy is a sweetie, Travis are the nicest band I've seen, they are really down to earth :heart:

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Nice to see the three posters after the first reply have completely made asses of themselves by demonstrating their capability to not be able to realize what is clearly playful banter and what is clearly not.


You lot sound like you come from the Church of Chris Martin at times what with your "THE STORIES ARE BLASPHEMY" posts

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Guest howyousawtheworld

Seriously who doesn't like Fran Healy??! He is a fantastic guy and very very close friends with Chris Martin. He went over to Chris's house once to help him build a tent or something like that. A genius. The best Scottish band ever!



And please anyone who's anyone has to buy Travis's last album that came out last year to little attention. Ode To J Smith - it's their best album ever and it was an absolute TRAVESTY that it didn't get more exposure.




[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W8ufd7HcKkc]YouTube- Travis - J. Smith [New song][/ame]

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