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Clocks lrlrl?

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Hm yes, you actually noticed that break.

It's not actually the same and later he adds some sounds too, when there goes another 4 uno dos tres. Buuuuut. I love how you play the whole song. I mean it's perfect from begining to the end and I think you really managed to kill all the notes. Also, I like your version of the part I asked for. So then comes the question, could you possibly tell me how you play it? In this topic or just PM me. Then I would have the base so I could think of some varriations and try to interpret it in my way. Please, and thank you for all your help because that cover was awesome :D

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Oh, Kyle you're genius. hahahah I'm so stupid I didn't figure this out. It really sound like it I play almost the lowest Eb with left hand and Eb octave with right hand. Halfway through I play Db octave (2 times) and C octave (also two times) I think that's close to what it sounds like on lrlrl. Thanks again Kyle!

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