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The Official RandomStudios11 Thread

Technicolor Liver

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My computer is incredibly slow so it takes me an hour but... usually it depends on the file size


And we use Windows Movie Maker to edit the videos, and we use Audacity to edit the music




Ok...I used Movie Maker to edit a video I made and it says it will be fully uploaded in six hours. :freak:

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The Perfect Day



"Puffy clouds,

The sky is sky blue.

It's the perfect day,

And I wanna be with you,


Sippin' iced tea,

On the side of the sidewalk.

Blue beach chairs,

Two kids talkin' the talk.


The perfect day,

We all want to see it too.

The perfect day,

Oh, what does it mean to you?


Sittin' in the field,

With the green grass around me.

Little blackbirds,

Go tweet-tweet around me."


That's what I have so far! :awesome:


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