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MrLick, Fookwaning at the Neuron.

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He's known as Fookwan The Great. :cool:


He's also known as the wisdom seeker of Coldplaying. Other people like myself know him as the leg seeker.


He seeks knowledge to the fullest extent of the neuron, also called "fookwaning at the neuron".


There just isn't another top-notch quality poster like our Fookwan The Great.


Thank you for being a great person full of wisdom in the Coldplaying community for more than 7 years.


Let's all show our appreciation and kindness to him, because as we all know, we all love Nick.

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And that's exactly why you should have full custody! I don't have time to take care of it anyway. I have better things to do, and more men to have babies with and then abandon. :wacky:

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You're going to do the dishes for the rest of your life than.

I don't mind, I eat out all of the time, but I get your point.


You'd marry just to have someone else do the chores for you?

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