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Coldplay going into outer space... could we have a new Doctor Who theme please?

Long Live Life

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Coldplay (or the Anchorman) recently published that Chris wanted a model solar system for inspiration for their next album


I remember reading once somewhere that Chris was a fan of Doctor Who.


The new theme tune (premiered on 3rd April on BBC 1) seems to be very disliked, see: http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/haveyoursay/2010/04/did_you_watch_the_new_doctor_w.html


So.. it got me thinking.. with their fondness for experimentation with new instruments and their collaboration with Brian Eno who has always produced some great "spaced out" tracks (the Ascent springs to mind).... why don't Coldplay offer the BBC 4-5 versions of the theme for the next series?

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