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iPod Touch White Screen (Not White Screen Of Death)

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Hey All.


I was with my ipod today (as you do) and i was in the Farmers Market working and i spilt as lot of water on my apron (with my iTouch in my pocket).

About 10 mins after, I took out my iPod (with the screen turned off) and turned the screen on only to find it had gone very pale and bright, I was like CRAPP!! Then, after 5 mins of not doing anything, the screen began to flicker with white lines, and eventually went completely white.


Now, I know its not the white screen of death, because I can turn the screen on and off, but I sometimes can't tell.


Every hour and a half or so, the screen shows up (but in the very pale state I mentioned earlier) and it's very annoying!


Now, it is in the same state as it was from about 1 pm.


But, about two hours ago, I restored it to the max and it was fine until now. Now, it has just gone back to the start again!


Heres some extra info:


iPod touch 32gigs, software version 3.1.3, It was jailbroken with Blackra1n (I know, a sin), and i have had it since...the 27th (?) of December (or there about).


So, that's everything kinda, please please please can you help me out?

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I've got a years warranty, so it'll be fine, but this is the second time an iPod touch I have owned has broken: 1st my 16 gig had dead pixels all over the screen, and the headphones didn't work properly (completely not my fault, a friend damaged it).

I'm worried my dad won't replace it for me (no money is needed to be paid) and he is a strict man, but I havent told my parents yet, I'll do it tomorow, after doing a nice favour for my dad, like takin out the rubbish without him asking or something :)

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It's fine for now...:), but i can't connect to the internet (I restored the iPod twice and reset all of the settings, and when i go to Settings the wi-fi bit is in grey and says No Wi-Fi)


I must now configure my "VPN" (Settings>General>Network), does anybody know how I can do that?


Oh, and also, when I press the sleep button, the volume goes up (wtf?) and if I hold it long enough, the volume eventually (after like 3 seconds) goes to full volume. Weird, but not fatal.

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This is probably caused by not allowing the firmware update to finish the installation before disconnecting the iPod. However, when I connect to computer, I see Apple device in the hardware manager whcih indicates that at least it could be getting charged.

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