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Chris speaks about Gwyneth


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I know most of you have probably seen this already, but I have only just read it. It kinda changed the way I thought about some stuff. :)


Coldplay's Chris speaks about Gwyneth


Coldplay frontman Chris Martin has finally spoken out about his relationship with Gwyneth Paltrow.


He says his girlfriend is just like "everyone else" despite the fact that no one else believes it.


Speaking in a radio interview, notoriously private Chris said: "This is the only time I'm ever going to talk about this.


"When you have a high profile girlfriend, people forget that really she's like, well like everyone,


"Jack Nicholson or the Pope, they're just people with parents and worries, you know what I mean?


"We're a high profile band now, but we don't feel any different.


"People might treat us differently when they meet us, but after ten minutes with anybody, you realise you either like them or you don't, you know?


"The initial thing of fame is short lived. It doesn't really mean anything."

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i remember reading this.. it's true about what he says - either you like someone or you don't - you know the whole judge a book by it's cover, but in this case it would be - think a person is great b/c of their fame, but that doesn't necessarily mean that they're genuinely a good person.

i still think thought that chris is probably a good person and he would be really cool to meet in person!!


i think that gwyneth probably really is not as 'hollywoodish' as other actresses, but then i've never met her so you never know!


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