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Hello coldplayers!


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Hi coldplayers!

I'm Aditya from Indonesia. I'm 16. I started to listen to coldplay's songs about 2 years ago and suddenly fell in love with them. I never love a band or any musicians like I do to coldplay. Maybe you've heard this for million times but they're just fantastic. The music, lyrics, videos, everything. I never get tired of coldplay.


I wish I had known them since the first album and I wish they would come to indonesia (I'm beggiiin')..


Nice to meet you all btw!

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hELLO my friend allow me as the administrator of this websites and a personal friend with Christov Martin of the GoldCame, I should love to have you welcomed into our prejudice and horrid community. If you have any questions just send me the confidential internet machine message, me, Yossarian, the owner of coldplaying.com and also the agent of world wide celebrated actor and musician Christov Martin

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