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Coldplay best band in the world ??


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are you kidding? of course they're not.


oh i have to explain... uh... because i could probably turn out a very long list of bands that i think are better. there. :P


You don't have to explain, I love Coldplay, but it's true there are better bands out there, but I can tell you this...I consider Coldplay BETTER than Radiohead!!!!!! :lol: :lol: I don't care what any body else says :rolleyes:

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My why:


I think Coldplay's music is as good as anything, but they've only released two studio albums and have been in the international spotlight for a realtively short period of time. There are bands still making great music that released 6, 8 albums.


So to me, it's just a body-of-work thing.

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i voted no...


Plenty of other bands out there done their time, paid their dues and have released more than 2 albums....


Metallica, Radiohead, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Foo Fighters, to name some...


Tho I do like Coldplay, and I didn't when i joined this board :)

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They have done a great Job fore two albums though. Justin Timerlake even thinks there they are the worlds greatest.


hmmmmmmmmmmm ... the endorsement of justin timberlake. hey, i'm not dogging on justin. he's a great performer. not exactly the person i'd turn to for a critical evaluation.

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even p diddy seemed to edorese them he is a world respected musiic producer u dont get to be a billonare for nothing


Again, p diddy isn't a great source. look at the people on his label: the biggest star is mary j. blige who i love, but when your biggest name is mary j. blige then your label is probably not par tof the elite. what's he put out and developed recently? B2K? Dream? Da Band? Nothing earth moving there.


These aren't great critical sources you're supplying. I don't even think you need any kind of expert opinion ... but when p diddy and Justin Timberlake get quoted it begs the counterargument.

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