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HELP!! Steps on painting a guitar


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Hello. I am sorry if a thread has been posted like this before, but I have been searching and cant seem to find a good answer. So my question is, what are the steps I should do to paint my acoustic guitar? Do I have to sand it first? I have an Ibanez and its a good guitar. I have looked on the internet and some people have said that it ruins the guitar's sound, and others have said it hasnt. So what I basically want to know is what did Vicki do to piant Chris' guitars? Thats what I would like to do. I looked around and found this pic of someone else who painted their guitar like Chris's No Me Llores guitar and it looks amazing!!!






I want to do this!! How do I do it?? What are all the steps??

Thank you!

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good question.. I know I've removed painted work from a desk (acrylic paint probably), but it adhered well enough for many many years, prior to a vigorous cleaning with alcohol.. If you want a permanent painting, probably xtra-fine sanding of the surface would help, to get the paint to stick better. The Acrylic paints might bond well enough without the sanding, and if ever you wanted to sell the guitar or remove the painting, it comes off easier.. but it may also rub off. hmm.... I guess it all depends! I can't imagine it affecting the sound quality a great deal, but if the paint is thick it might do so a little..

Call that Martin fellow up and see what he says - how it plays, if it sounds any different.;)

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