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GOD I WANT TO GO TO SANTORINI SO BAD NOW. :bigcry: That's so beautiful, it's killing me !

In fact, I want to go to all the destinations mentionned in your blog :P (minus those I've already visited of course). Maybe next summer !

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this[/url] article about French Riviera, I can tell you it's even more beautiful than that :heart:.


Interesting blog though ! :)


Unfortunately I haven't visited that yet.. :(

Back then,less than two months ago, when the blog started I spent like 1 hour to every post, 1.30-2.00 for the big posts..


now though I spend 2 hours for a regular post, and even 3-4 ( for one in particular 5 hours) for big ones.. I find many many photos....I have to choose the best, then find some sources about the destinations I have chosen, maps, personal opinions of other bloggers and of course mine..


I write some articles all by meself (most of them) but I always look the web for destinations I haven't visited yet. there is no single article that I have not write a single paragraph on my own.

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I don't copy paste from wikipedia, and do not force anyone to read the things i write about.. I write for destinations I have been before, but also about others, trying to enclose the whole atmosphere of a place to an article with pictures and videos and my writting..


and, no offence, with all the respect, but i don't think no one reads my posts..

But even no one would, I do it for my pleasure, to share my ideas and experience with other people, to learn from others more things.

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I didn't make this thread for arguing with anyone.

I have 1500 visits in less than two months and 1600 followers on twitter.. I discuss with them many times about travelling destinations, and places they've been and I've been.

I do this beacause it is the thing i love to do..And i wanted to share it with people

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