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Yeah, so I dropped my iPod in water. I don't think any got in the part where it connects to things because it went in top first and down like that and then I got it.

I don't think it was locked before but it's locked now and it won't come unlocked for anything. I plugged it in to my computer and it will charge and stuff but nothing else can ever happen.

(And by lock I mean hold, that thing you can toggle at the top)

Lulz, I either lightened or darkened some of the pixels of the screen too, but I don't care about that.


If it makes a difference, it's a 2nd generation nano.

Am I screwed? :bigcry:

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I sure hope it's just a bit wet still or something, I love my iPod. :disappointed:

If it's done for, at least I've been saving up my money for a new one for a while and already have $65. :wacko:


I hope that your iPod has survived the bath you gave it. But it is good that you have saved some money for a new iPod. :)


REMEMBER: iPods do not need to be washed or baptized. :P

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It's been sitting under a fan for a while but it's still dead so I'm guessing it's done for. </3


I'm afraid that you're right. I once washed a mobile phone in the washing-machine. I had forgotten that it was in a pocket of some clothes I washed. It was also done for - but it had been under / in the water for much longer than your iPod.


Good that it is Friday tomorrow so that the stores are open meaning that you can buy yourself a new iPod. :hug:

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I still have to save up 35 dollars if I want to buy a used one. :tongue:


My iPods still got a perfectly good hard drive or whatever it seems though, but I wouldn't know because it's stuck in hold. :snobby:

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Poor you - you are so fond of your iPod and are listening to music all the time. That really sucks.


I hope that


1) the iPod can get out of the HOLD position tomorrow when it is 100% dry - but I think that the electrical parts are very sensitive to water (like the mobile phone).


OR that


your friend's used iPod can be fixed so that you have an iPod until you have got money enough for a new iPod.


You can wish a new one as a present, but both Christmas and your birthday are so far away.


I'll cross my fingers and hope the best for you and your iPod / access to music.

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this is probably going to sound like a really weird solution, but it's a fairly effective method that we Asians use to rescue our beloved tech gadgets when they get accidentally dunked in water...


leave the iPod in a pot/bowl of uncooked rice (yes, seriously...i'm not joking)


Testimonial: Rice Resurrects Even the Most Soaked of Gadgets


reason/logic: rice actually absorbs water very well, even in its uncooked state...hey, they do grow them in fields of water anyway. :p


tho if your iPod's a real goner, then even the rice can't help. it's not a 100% sure fire solution, as amazing & non-invasive (on your gadget, i.e. warranty-wise) as it is.

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I agree with Kimmi's rice suggestion!!

I put my mobile inside a bowl with rice and put it on the heating for 2 days and it worked again afterwards! :awesome:


How long did you wait until you plugged it onto the PC / tried to switch it on?

I hope it wasn't too soon. :uhoh:

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