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Polaroid cameras


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Hey everyone...


So I wanted a polaroid camera for ages, and found out that they make new models and they're not even that expensive.



Does anyone have one, or ever used it? Are pics good/bad?

Please share!!! :D

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I wanted an old school! And my friend told me that her aunt has one somewhere in her house, so we will try to find it. But she thinks its broken.


But these new ones are more practical, smaller. But I want to know good the photos are.

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It depends which format photo you want...600 (the 'square' size) or 100 format (rectangle)


I have a polaroid EE66:




It's quite 'big' but it's one of the only one that still accept fujifilms (which being the only one still making polaroid films and only 100 format).

It's great even if you took you 5 min to take a picture (waiting, developping, etc...) but that's the beauty of the polaroid *w*


BUT the 'impossible project' (aka ex-polaroid workers who bought an old factory and have started making polaroid films again :dance:) is now officially producting films that could go with a lot of ancien polaroid cameras. They have started with black and white and colour films will be in production in september... Polaroid is now getting interest (after stopping the production, what a joke..>.>) so they'll sell new polaroid cameras.

You can learn more about it on their website: http://www.the-impossible-project.com/

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