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What have you learned today?

Prince Myshkin

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today i learned that i have a crush on a girl

but she lives a hundred or so miles away and is only visiting (she used to live up here)

and i think she likes me too since we speak quite a bit online and we saw eachother today and i gave her all the music off my ipod onto hers and we chatted

but she has a boyfriend


i like crushes

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Today I learned that it's not good to watch 'The Crazies' before going to bed in a creepy hotelroom, cus you might wake up at 4 am and be terrified that someone will come stab you in the stomach with a pitchfork :sick:

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At the moment it would be the beginning of a Doctor Who and David Tennant one which I predict will take over my life in the future. :wacky:

I've been obsessed with a lot of things in my life, I'm very used to it, it's who I am. :lol:

There's always something, basically.

I don't know whether I should cry from sadness or grin like an idiot about it. Maybe both. :thinking:

It's pretty darn draining.


Greg should enter this thread right about now and tell me how Doctor Who is one of the worst things about England and David Tennant's face is too skinny. :P

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Not Newton.


Now that I think about it I may have had a smallish crush on Einstein when I read HIS biography, but not who I was talking about.


I can understand having a crush on Caesar, powerful dude.


she was really turned on by his intelligence as well


hmmmm, what nationality is this late great hero of intellect?

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