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What have you learned today?

Prince Myshkin

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On August 27, 1964, Kemper shot his grandmother while she sat at the kitchen table writing the finishing pages of her latest children's book. When his grandfather came home from grocery shopping, Kemper shot him as well. Then he called his mother, who urged him to call the police. When questioned, he said that he "just wanted to see what it felt like to kill Grandma," and that he killed his grandfather because he knew he would be angry at him for what he had done to his grandmother.


i think the scariest thing is this guy was 6foot 9inches tall

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Oh how interesting... it is one of my goals in life to learn something new every day. Seriously, ask anyone who knows me.


Anywho... I ordered some shampoo a couple of weeks ago and I used it for the first time today. The label on the outside is correct, but the contents of the bottle doesn't match up, it's a completely different scent. I would have learned that a couple of weeks ago if I had actually used it when I got it. :tongue:


Although I admit that's probably stretching it in terms of "learning" something. But I plan to leave the house in an hour, so maybe I'll learn something new while I'm out. :awesome:

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I learnt how to make jelly...although it's not exactly complicated although I'm yet to see whether it'll actually set...:\

If it doesn't set then that just shows my failure to follow instructions on packets properly.

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The creepy guy in the neighborhood is outside right now.

If I die, tell Annika, Maggy and Erika I love them :bigcry:


I learned that Erika doesn't want to stay up late to chat with me :angry:

And internet connection is a bitch.

I like how you fall in your own lies by saying that you're in San Francisco, when you're actually not. :rolleyes:

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