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What have you learned today?

Prince Myshkin

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naaaaaah, i haven't thought about her sexually yet. just want to be with her and hang out. get close and talk about anything. she did give me a hug yesterday though and it was amazing.


ideally right now i just want her to sleep by my side


Aww, that's sweet. I know that feeling. :nice:

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I learnt to always lie when asked your age on the bus otherwise they'll charge you £7.50 for a return journey. What a rip off.

You told the truth?

I'm eighteen in august and i still get a child's ( under 15 ) ticket for the train.



the slightly annoying thing about that, is that people do check them and i do pass for 15 :disappointed:

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My mum doesn't care whether it's my birthday or not, she still wants me to study. She still made me cry.

That sometimes, she's expecting things in return when she buys me things or showers me with love, and those things are for me to assure her that I will have a good future by torturing my teenage days.


Or maybe I'm just over-exaggerating since I'm all emotional now.



Another thing : You will never get what you want. You will be showered with your needs, never with what you want.

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(i won't start a thread because there will probably be somebody who knows you better who can put something more fitting and perhaps has an in joke etc, but i shall be sure to visit that thread to wish you happy birthday again!)


so what are your plans for the day? do you have to revise?

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Hahaha :wacko:

THANKS A LOT!!! :awesome:


It's gonna be 7pm soon and I have English Literature tuition tonight.

I'm not gonna revise, because I think I have a right over my life besides my duty as a child.

I've sort of celebrated my birthday; gone out for dinner, gone CD shopping. :nice:

All done before today.

But for today, I barely did anything. I went to school, mum bought a cake which was really tasty, and the afternoon was spend talking to a maid.

My friends are nice too. :wacko: Though they did embarrassed me a little, but they meant well. :wacky:



How about you? I wanna hear about your 1st of July. :wacko:

I will read it later, I've got to go, it's thundering here and I've got to prepare for tuition. See ya! :nice:

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