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What have you learned today?

Prince Myshkin

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Today I learned that Black Grape's (Shaun Ryder's follow up after the Happy Mondays) 'A Big Day In The North' samples Serge Gainsbourg's 'Initial B B'. New I'd heard it before.


I also learned that you can only see the outline of one of my nipples through my t-shirt. How odd.


What have you learned today?

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I don't know, really.. I just found it funny :blank:


I haven't really learned that much, I just got up.. I guess I learned sleeping in a closet was actually a quite fine idea.


how come you chose to sleep in a closet? i've slept on floors, under beds, on grass, on the pavement one drunken night, but never in a closet.

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They're fighting because of stupid reasons and it's making my time home a bit dense and annoying.

I can't believe I'm gonna say this, but I can't wait to go back to school.



any chance you could convince them to make your time home a bit happier by suggesting a thing for all three of you to do that is fun?

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I've learned that it's not smart to sing in icelandic really loud in the shower, cus your younger siblings will record you outside the door :blank:



that's a great post. i will hunt down that recording one day :sneaky:

singing in the shower is pretty much the only place i sing

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serial killers can be interesting

edmund kemper


On Good Friday of 1973, Kemper battered his sleeping mother to death with a claw hammer. He then beheaded her, and used her decapitated head for oral sex before using it as a dartboard. He also cut out her vocal cords and put them in the garbage disposal, but the machine could not break the tough tissue down and regurgitated it back into the sink. "That seemed appropriate," he said after his arrest, "as much as she'd bitched and screamed and yelled at me over so many years". His murderous urges not yet satiated, he then invited over his mother's best friend 59-year-old Sally Hallett. When she entered the house, he strangled her to death and then left the house.


sleep tight :wink3:

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