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Anyone else like them? Mystery Science Theater 3000 (or MST3K for short) was a tv show on a few years back where an old movie was made fun of by robots in the "audience" at the bottom of the screen.


This is one of my favorite episodes, I can't find the whole thing but only a "best of" on Youtube.





The show was taken off the air, and they now do "Rifftrax". Basically, you buy the movie, and then buy and download the commentary from their site. Or, if you are cheap like me, you watch more "best of"s from Youtube. They've riffed most new movies and the more famous older ones, like The Sixth Sense.


Some examples:








Any other nerds like me (or non nerds) that like these? :cheesy:

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Well he was reviewing a really crappy movie, and he mentioned that it was so bad that even MST3K made fun of it.

Altho didn't they do that with every movie? :thinking:


Well, I guess he just mentioned that it was there, and they mentioned all of the bad shit that he was saying too :P

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