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Zip, zip, hooray?


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Could we soon zip through the Lakes? Plan to build mile-long wire through remote beauty spot



By Ryan Kisiel

Last updated at 10:33 AM on 10th August 2010



Plans to build a mile-long zip wire in one of Britain's most remote landscapes have provoked a backlash from conservationists.


The Lake District tourist attraction would carry thrill-seekers down by cable from a 2,126ft peak near Honister to the ground below.


Friends of the Lake District, a charity, has objected to the zip wire, saying it would spoil the surrounding area.



article-1301753-0ABF207C000005DC-764_634x547.jpg Future? The site of the planned zip wire, stretching for a mile between Fleetwith Pike and Honister Slate Mine which has caused concern



Spokesman Richard Pearse said: 'We have significant concerns over the impact of the wire, and the type and level of activity it would bring.


'This area of the national park is internationally recognised for its outstanding landscape and tranquillity.


'Even though many people already visit the Honister area the fells feel quite wild and remote. They are enjoyed by thousands of visitors who come to appreciate just this wildness and remoteness.


'This is just the wrong place for a new visitor attraction that would be aiming to attract large numbers of people.'






Mr Pearse said approval would set a precedent for future development in the area. The proposals are due to be discussed by the national park's development control committee on September 1.


The zip wire would link Fleetwith Pike to the Honister Slate Mine, which is already a visitor centre.


Mine boss Mark Weir said: 'The Lancaster Aerial Flight would help Honister address the ebb and flow of tourism by retaining more people for longer periods and providing something new and exciting.'


He is calling on the experience of firms that run similar tourism experiences' in South Africa and New Zealand.


Mr Weir has already created a 'Via Ferrata' system whereby climbers can make their way up the fell in harnesses attached to a cable that is bolted to the rock face.

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I can understand the argument, it's a wonderful sight, but its a total contradiction to start talking about the thousands of people who visit it to see the view, and compare the numbers with those who want to fly down a zip-wire.


If he thinks the view should be preserved, that's fair enough, but it sounds like they're comparing the numbers of people wanting a great sight vs. people who want an adrenaline buzz. It shouldn't matter who wants an adrenaline buzz, it's a great view, so that's what matters.

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