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Wedding Bells I don't think it means an split for Chris and Gwyneth, this is the meaning for me...


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Well, it is said that Wedding Bells means a split for Chris and Gwyneth, but I don't think that Chris could want to tell that with that song, maybe it was something that happened to him once, or it just came to his head, but well Here is the meaning for me:


Those wedding bells are ringing up upon that hill

And I don't wanna swallow such a bitter pill

You keep on moving but I stay still

I always loved you and I always will


In this part, the person he loved is getting married, as simple as that, but he's down the hill, below it, and he can't be there and he doesn't want to believe it, or in this case, he can't stand that idea, and of course that is something bitter for him, but in some way he had the fault cause she was always doing something, she was moving and loving but he only stood still, but even so he always loved her and even if she's married he'll love her.


Days of no sleeping

Caked in mud

All kinds of poison in my blood

I lost the only thing I ever loved


In this part are simple things, the idea of her marrying won't let him sleep, and is covered with cold, and darkness, and this get him pisoned, and I think that the poison he refers means anger, hate, deception, and is of course is very painful cause is in all his body, and the other verse is too clear, he just lost that person, the only one, and now it will be forever


I heard them ringing and processioning by

Umbrellas in the clear blue sky

I saw you swimming in that sea of white



He begins here to hear them but i don't think he could be able to be watching it, is down the hill, I don't think he could be able of beign watching it, the bells rings while they're getting married, and now If the sky is clear and blue ¿why would I like to use an umbrella?, the only reason that comes top mi mind is because even if the sky is that way, I wouldn't like to see it because it has no meaning, and the last part, he saw her beloved in her white wedding dress, happy and moving around all the whiteness that a wedding means.


And wedding bells ringing up upon that hill

And I don’t wanna swallow such a bitter pill

You keep on moving, baby, I stay still

I always loved you and I always will



Here it just continues with it...


I loved you and I see it still

I always loved you and I always will

Singing, lalalalalalalalala…


In this part i guess he finally got some bravery and strenght for trying to accpet it, but even so he'll still loving her


If everything that went before didn’t matter, so


I always loved you and I always will


And this final part, I think he tries totell her that if everything that happened between them never mattered, then is even more painfull, cause she didn't took the decision of marrying him, but with other one, and even so, he always loved her, and he always will....


Well this is the meaning of the song for me, and also I really see myself in this case, but is just my opninion, and the most logicall for me, maybe he wanted to tell us something else, buit I don't think so jaja....


But whatever is the meaning for ya'll it's become in my favourite top song along with Viva La Vida, The Hardest Part, Prospekt's March, Fix You, In My Place, Andf Lost!


Thanks COLDPLAY for giving us all the poetry and joy of your songs!!!!!!!!

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Guest howyousawtheworld

If it was what MTV suggested (hilariously) then my dear God, Chris has some mega guts. It would certainly top Phil Collins divorcing his wife by fax that's for sure. Pretty appropriate way by Chris to divorce though! Imagine Michael Schumacher divorcing his wife by writing a message on the racing track with rubber burnouts or Stephen Hawking announcing it's over to his wife by way of a clever equation!

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