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dreaming half-asleep

Gitta Rensolo

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...or drunk.....


is so weird!


It usually feels so real and then you wake up again and you are not sure whether this was true or not.

Worse case (when you are not drunk) is when there is music in the bakcground


It has happened to me pretty often that I continued the party that I went to before I went to bed and where I got drunk, in my dream.....pretty confusing, because the times it has happened to me it felt so real and I did and said some stupid things haha and the next morning I couldn't be sure if I just dreamt it or if I really did that while I was drunk...



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I've woken up before in a panic because I thought I was gonna miss my plane flight :thinking:


Then I had a good long think and realised that I didn't need to catch a plane and I must have dreamt about going on holiday or something :blank:

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My brother sleeptalks. It's quite hilarious.

sleepwalking is worst imo.

a friend of mine has it, and does pretty random things, as start to cook, or tried to go out the home.

when she was a kid she was forbid to watch action movies and so cause she'll 'do' them when sleeping. :confused:


i think when we are too into a dream/sleeping we can leave conciousness and do weird things, as talk, move as the actions we 'see', or even the astral travels can be true.


i once dreamt i was a bird and was flying around my city coast -back then i was living abroad- and i felt it quite real which was so shocking.

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