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How did you come to know... [Artist]


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Right before my senior year of high school, all of the band officers (me included) were getting ready for summer band to start, working with uniform check-out and other things. I was helping out with hats, and a friend of mine put on this music. I told her that I liked it and asked what it was. She said it was Regina Spektor. I was like, "OOOOOH. :surprised:" We played more music, and long story short, we had a music exchange, and included in the stuff my friend burned me was "Begin to Hope" and "Soviet Kitsch." :smiley:


Bat for Lashes?

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I was watching So You Think You Can Dance, and one of the routines was choreographed to "Paris is Burning." I told Ivet about it, who highly recommended St. Vincent to me. I eventually got around to her. She's brilliant. :heart:



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